4. Hangovers are bad enough already.

If drinking diet soda alone wasn't bad enough already, mixing it with vodka, or any other alcohol is an even worse idea. Alcoholic drinks made with diet soda can cause you to get drunk faster because the sugar alternative lets the alcohol enter your bloodstream at a much faster rate. This could result in you feeling the effects of a hangover even worse the next morning.

5. Gaining weight?

Getting on track to loose weight can be hard, and having diet soda in your diet can majorly slow down the process. A study done by a Texas doctor showed that the consumption of 3, or more diet sodas a day are at an increased chance of gaining weight. The sugar substitutes don't satisfy your body's need for real sugar, so you are more likely crave, and indulge in your desire for sweet food.

6. How is your metabolism?

Daily consumption of diet soda puts you at a 40% higher risk of having metabolic problems. This could result in you gaining more body fat, raising your cholesterol, and possibly developing a heart disease. The negative effects of diet soda are clear, so if removing them from your diet could give you a healthy metabolism, shouldn't that be a good enough reason to stop?

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