If you have a puffy stomach that is ruining your self confidence, you may not have to worry for long. This doesn't mean that you've packed on the pounds. It is most likely bloating because of indigestion. These feelings are especially common in women over 40, but there is research showing that with a few minor changes in your diet you can improve your digestion, eliminate bloating, and have you feeling more comfortable and confidant in less than a week. Heres what you need to do to get started...

1. Balance your bacteria.

An imbalance of bacteria in your system can create digestive problems and, and cause you to become bloated. A simple fix to this problem is adding probiotic yogurt to your diet. The tiny living organisms in the yogurt calm the bacteria in your belly, improving digestion,decreasing abdominal pressure, and reducing bloating.

2. Eliminate sugary snacks and fizzy drinks.

Sometimes activities including chewing gum, and drinking too fast can cause you to inhale air and become bloated. Carbonated sodas and fruit juices can often upset your stomach or cause gas, which makes bloating worse. To reduce this you should abstain from chewing gum, and drink flat, easy to swallow including water and sport drinks.

3. Keep your thirst properly quenched.

Constantly drinking fluids throughout the day is a great way to begin flattening your stomach. Drinking at least 8 cups of liquid hydration a day can also help aid in issues involving the lower intestine and constipation. Eating fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fluid are great options as well. It is recommended that you avoid alcohol because of its dehydrating effects.