5 Foods That Strengthen Your Liver And Detox Your Body

5 Foods That Strengthen Your Liver And Detox Your Body

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The one thing all these foods have in common is that you should be eating them anyway, but if you’ve bee especially hard on your body, it might be time to add some of these to your diet. Your liver works hard, day in and day out, to clean our blood of the nasty-business we sometimes put into our bodies. It’s a natural detoxification system, but sometimes, even your filters need a cleaning.

A majority of these foods have glutathione, which is a protein that helps clean your body of toxic junk. In general, do your best to eat these foods raw.

Brussels Sprouts

Did you hate eating these as a kid? Well buck up, cause they’re good for you and you should eat a serving or two a day.


Do you have any garlic in the house? You ought to! Add some whole garlic to a dish or two. It’ll help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Do your best to heat as little as possible. And brush your teeth if you think you’ll be smooching someone after dinner.


Wait, the weed? You bet! Harvest it from your yard or buy from the store. Dandelion leaves are great for you, and the root can be made into a liver cleansing tea.


Spinach is an awesome source of gluthione when you eat it raw. But if you cook it, it goes away. It’s also loaded with iron, which can give you a boost of energy if you’re feeling a little down.


Asparagus is great for your liver. It’s great if you’re feeling bloated since it’s a natural diuretic.

These are some of my favorite foods. I had no idea they could be so good for you! Which one is your favorite?

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