Zip-Ties Are The Ultimate Skeleton Key To Any Lock, And Here's Why

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If you have a deft hand for lock picking or just simply have a certain issue that needs to be dealt with that only a lock pick can solve, then please continue reading on.

Expert lock pickers are usually able to get most any lock open with the simple use of a zip-tie. You are probably thinking to yourself, "How can a simple zip-tie be the ultimate code cracker for a master locker?" Well, it's actually a lot more simple than you think it is.

Provided in the video below, the YouTube user demonstrates just how easy it is to use a zip-tie for lock-picking and even how some other simple household items can be just as effective to pick a master lock.

This is just one of the various videos that is on the internet that can provide you with easy steps on how to crack into certain locks with items found around your household. Mind you, depending on what it is, lock-picking can be very illegal if you are not too careful where you practice your skills. It is important to keep in mind that even if it is a simple and harmless video to show others how simple it is to use a zip-tie for breaking into locks, you must take this information wisely.

You are accountable for your own actions as to what you do with this information after watching the video. Just practice safely and legally within the confines of your own home would be the ideal location to practice your lock-picking skills, as demonstrated in the video.

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