Here's what you need to know about your body type to lose weight...

The endomorph.

Many people with endomorph body types often feel like they drew the short genetic straw because they tend to have softer, rounder figures, and store fat more easily compared to the other body types.

You are likely to struggle with keeping your body fat percentage in check, and may also gain weight at a much faster rate. One of the hardest parts of being an endomorph is coming to the realization that you are one.

It can sometimes be difficult for people to find out that you are likely to struggle with weight throughout you life because of the way you were born.

Unfortunately, you don't have the most dependable type of metabolism, and often relies on you to make the effort to do things your body should be able to do for you naturally.

Your body may not give you the instinctive urge to move, and while this doesn't mean you are certain to be overweight in the future, you need to be sure to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

It is also crucial to eat plenty of metabolism boosting foods like good fats, proteins, and limited carbs to keep your blood sugar controlled.

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