The unfortunate truth of the matter is not for aesthetic reasons. This is rather aimed for the health of others who still tend to dry their clothes indoors instead of outdoors. The reasoning behind this method is so that individuals do not inhale the vaporization of the laundry that they have hung in their room.

Craige Mather 43 -year-old, said that since he had been drying his clothes inside that he managed to get a lung infection. He had been seen to be suffering from lung problems due to toxic mold spores that had developed from drying his clothes on the radiator of his living room.

He says:

“I started to recover only when I was diagnosed with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis and was prescribed the specific drugs to combat fungal infections,”

As the doctor proclaimed him to having these problems could get much worse unless he were to stop drying his clothes indoors for the next 12 months. As he had done so, he had noticed significant differences in improvements to his health.

Craige's experience with this unfortunate design of nature should be a warning to all of those who still desire to dry their clothes indoors instead of outdoors. With the downside of his situation being the radiator and causing 30% increased humidity, the mold spores were in perfect alignment of causing him serious health issues.

It would be wise of us to take his experience with a heed of warning, so that we do not repeat history in the very same aspects in order to have our health in its prime condition.