For years, nothing I did could whiten my teeth. I cut out coffee, I quit smoking, I used all sorts of whitening treatments, but it was all for nothing. I found out the real problem after talking to my dentist. There are 9 foods, all of which I ate, that contribute to browning and destruction of your teeth. These are the foods to avoid:

1. Any sports drink.

After pumping iron at the gym, I loved to grab a vitamin-filled sports drink to set my body right, but it turns out, that stuff can really damage your teeth fast. The sugar levels in sports drinks are very high, and sugar is a perfect food for bacteria that stains and decays your teeth.

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2. Lemonade.

On a hot summer day, I used to love making a big pitcher of lemonade for the kids and myself. It turns out, this is the worst thing I could have done for my family. The combination of the acid in lemonade and the sugar added to it spells disaster for your enamel. The acid wears away at your teeth and the sugar fosters the growth of bacteria.

3. White wine.

I love wine, but white wine is one of the worst, not simply because of the acidity and sweetness, but you often pair wine with other acidic foods, like pasta with tomato sauce. It's like the wine opens up the "pores" of the teeth and the stains get sucked in and trapped.