You might think the suggestion is kind of strange, but frankincense water has been a drink considered customary in the Middle East for ages. It's prepared easily by adding a couple pieces of frankincense gum to some water and letting it sit overnight. Drink only a couple ounces during a day. Middle Eastern health specialists think this is why cancer rates in that region are lower.

Not just that, but frankincense can be used to relieve joint pain, is a diuretic with cleansing properties, is an antifungal agent, and helps your digestive system work properly too.

The benefits of frankincense water truly are numerous. It boosts the immune system, improves your skin, heals your muscles faster if you've been working out, helps bring down fever, and many more. It's one of those remedies that you should take even if you aren't ill.

You can use frankincense oil in water too. Works the same.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons