As we all should know, coconut oil is one of the most amazing, universal products that you could ever have stored around your house. The possibilities that come with having coconut oil are almost endless, ranging from beauty to cooking, coconut oil is the must have product in modern society.

However, do you actually know the full extent as to how far coconut oil really goes? Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that are amazing for your body’s overall health, as they are able to cross the blood-brain barrier even in the unbound form without interruption. This means that your brain can use these fatty acids as an energy source.

To get the best out of your coconut oil, you will want to find the virgin, unrefined brand of coconut oil. This version is easily obtainable and provides your body with this list of benefits:

  • Antioxidants (reduces free radical damage)
  • Improves nutrient absorption (easily digestible, makes fat-based vitamins A, D,E, and K particularly more available to the body)
  • Anti-carcinogenic (inhibits cancer cell development and strengthens the immune system)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial (protects against bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, protozoa, and parasites)

So, what all can you use coconut oil for? 

You can use coconut oil for a soothing after shave that will not clog your pores after use.

If you have liver spots or age spots, you can rub coconut oil onto the area to reduce the appearance of said spots.

Can heal burns very rapidly upon continued use.

Coconut oil can heal bruises very rapidly as well.

Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer for your skin, as well as chap stick.

You can make your own deodorant, mixing coconut oil with cornstarch powder, arrowroot, and baking soda.

There’s all kinds of things that you can use coconut oil for, you should give some of these a try or research your own recipes!

We can all get a little uncomfortable when we take off our shoes over at a friends house and we are worried if our feet are going to stink up the whole room, ruining the mood for everyone. However, this is a very natural occurrence and is pretty common in all ages/genders. The best way to go about eliminating unwanted foot stench is to give yourself a very relaxing, foot soak.

The reason why we develop such awful aromas on our feet is due to bacteria on our skin that feeds off of the moisture we produce when our feet get sweaty in our shoes. You can control these bacteria and reduce the stench of your feet tremendously.

Rosemary and Sage Foot Soak


  • A large bowl/bucket to soak your feet in
  • 1-2 teaspoons of dried sage
  • 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary

These two ingredients are antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. Not only are they going to help re-balance the bacteria on your feet but will reduce how much sweat you produce as well.

Epsom Salt Foot Soak


  • A large bowl/bucket to soak your feet in
  • 8 cups of warm water
  • 1/2 cup of Epsom salt


Let the 1/2 cup of Epsom salt dissolve in the 8 cups of warm water. Allow your feet to soak in the salt for 30 minutes up to two times a day. Twice is usually preferred if you are constantly active or go to the gym. Be sure to dry your feet thoroughly.

There are other herbal foot soaks that you can try out, these ones appealed to us most considering they are some of the most effective treatments when it comes to eliminating foot stink.

It is a very important fact to know that vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that our body’s crave every single day of our lives. Without vitamin D, our body’s would not be able to regulate calcium and phosphorous absorption, build strong muscles, teeth, bones, and as well as boosting our immune system. We need vitamin D for a lot of reasons, however, if you do not then you could be at risk for bacterial/viral infections, heart diseases, and multiple sclerosis.

Here are ways to tell if you have a vitamin D deficiency or not.

Sudden Fatigue

People who do not get enough vitamin D will often find themselves exhausted for no reason at all. Even doing the slightest bit of work can fatigue a person if they do not have enough. If you have a workout routine and find yourself losing in endurance, then you might need more vitamin D in your diet.

Constantly Sweating

If you do not have enough vitamin D, you may find yourself sweating at the forehead constantly. This could be an early warning sign that you are not getting enough vitamin D in your diet.

Shifting Moods

Not getting enough vitamin D can also make a person have mood swings. It is important that you get enough so that your serotonin levels are in prime condition. This hormone is the reason for your good mood feeling and has a major impact on the rest of your body if not satisfied.

Bone And Muscle Weakness

You need vitamin D in order to build strong, healthy bones and muscles. If you do not, you may find your teeth, bones, and muscles start to deteriorate and will have a hard time recovering from any activity from the day. This also ties into that fatigue feeling.

Hopefully this article has helped you identify some problems you may have. Remember to keep up on your daily vitamin D intake! Your body will be thanking you greatly!

Migraines are one of the cruelest things that can happen to us, especially when we are trying to enjoy ourselves with friends, family, or wherever we may be at the time. Sometimes migraines can be triggered by weather pressure changes, eating certain soy products, dehydration, loud noises, stress, and even red wine.

As we try to go about our daily lives, it can be difficult to reduce these minor annoyances that cause a severe pain. If you are a woman, then you know all too well about having a migraine from hormonal changes, which isn’t fun for anyone involved.

We come baring good news about a quick and simple way of relieving these extreme pains. According to a recent study that found that monoterpenes in frankincense as well as other essential oils can take on the role of a powerful anti-inflammatory. What this means is is that they are able to reduce the swelling of your blood vessels/reduce severe pain.

Another study shows that frankincense oil is able to reduce the frequency as well as severeness of headaches in individuals who suffer from the intensity of debilitating cluster migraines. However, if frankincense does not work well with you, applying a cold, wrapped ice pack to the back of your neck can reduce a migraine pretty quickly. You can also try running cold water over your head to help reduce the size of your blood vessels. Another method you can try is holding cold water in your mouth as you breathe through your nose.

These are all really good ways to reducing migraines and the severeness that comes along with them.


If you have the unfortunate case of the common cold and can’t seem to stop coughing up phlegm deep in your lungs, then you will want to try this out.

Carrots are some of the most amazing natural foods that we could put into our body’s for a variety of reasons. Carrots are extremely rich in vitamin A as well as beta-carotene, which is used to maintain the healthiness of our eyes/vision. Carrots are also a really good source of vitamins K, C, and B including the essential minerals they are packed with which include phosphorous, potassium, calcium, iron, and manganese.

To get to the point though, carrots are awesome when it comes to reviving our respiratory system, as they can relieve bronchitis, asthma, cough, and plenty of other health issues.


  • 3-4 spoons of honey
  • 1/2 kg of carrot


Cut your gathered carrots into slices, letting them boil in water as to soften them. Remove your carrots from boiling and place them into a blender or you can use a fork if you do not have a blender. It is important that you save the water you boiled the carrots in.

Let your boiled carrot water cool down and then add the honey to the water. Combine the water and mashed carrots together in order to finally prep your natural syrup. Keep this concoction in a cold place or in your refrigerator.

You will want to consume up to 3-4 spoons throughout your day. You will begin to notice how effective this remedy is after about one to two days. The phlegm in your lungs will be almost entirely gone and your cough will have been cured!

Do you know what you are putting into your hair as you dye it? There are an extreme amount of cancer causing chemicals that can be found in coloring kits as well as the expensive hair dyes you can find at beauty salons.

Research done on these kinds of products have shown that chemicals in hair dyes are able to react with air pollutants as well as tobacco smoke which can create powerful cancer compounds that threaten your very own health.

Scientists who work for the Leeds-based Green Chemicals company research these dyes and have conducted a review on the chemistry that is used in said hair dyes. Stating that the information needed was available and that they only needed to connect the dots in order to find the relation to cancer.

So, what can you use alternatively instead? Try a natural coffee mixture to dye your hair, not only will it amplify the overall shine in your hair but will stimulate hair growth as well. A study that was conducted in 2007 that was then published in the International Journal of Dermatology, coffee has been show to speed-up hair growth.

It is important to be sure that whatever coffee mix you have is organic. Prepare yourself an espresso, let it cool down for a moment, mix 2 cups of an all-natural conditioner, 2 tablespoons of organic ground coffee, and one cup of a cold brewed coffee.

Finally, apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for about an hour before rinsing it all out. This will give your hair a natural chocolate coloring without damaging your hair or scalp.

Hopefully this has provided you one of the better ways of dying your hair!

The case of a sinus infection is when there is inflammation and swelling of a persons sinuses. Having this kind of infection means that the sinuses are blocked with fluid too which bacteria can grow and brings the person nasal congestion and annoying pain which then causes pressure around their face, eyes, and nose. Symptoms of having sinus infections include nasal congestion, thick yellow discharges from the nose, and headaches.

These can ultimately lead to a person developing a cough and sometimes even a fever. However, apple cider vinegar is one of the best solutions to this nasty problem. The reason why is that apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial/antifungal characteristics that are extremely beneficial to treating sinus infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar/Honey Beverage


  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 8 oz. of warm water
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Since the apple cider vinegar is already anti-inflammatory/antibacterial, the honey will help reduce the irritation as well as any inflammation in your throat.


Add your apple cider vinegar and honey into a warm glass of water. Drink until the sinus infection has been eradicated.

Apple Cider Vinegar Nasal Rinse


In a glass of warm water, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. If you need assistance, this rinse will clear your nasal passages of any accumulated mucus that cling to the cavities.

Apple Cider Vinegar Steam Treatment


  • A towel.
  • A saucepan
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar


Pour the water and apple cider vinegar into your saucepan, mixing it as they come together. Heat the mixture for just a few minutes. Place your towel over your head and inhale the steam of the mixture as it simmers.

Be sure to repeat this process up to several times a day as to treat your sinus infection properly/successfully.

Hopefully these natural remedies will have you feeling right as rain in no time!

Sometimes when it comes to having intimate moments with your significant other, you may find yourself in a somewhat embarrassing situation of not being able to perform as well as you would like to in bed. This is a common problem that most males tend to have as they get older. Luckily, there is a natural solution to fixing this problem!

Watermelon juice is considered to be one of the most potent pleasure-inducing foods, since it can benefit men who have a mild/moderate case of erectile dysfunction. In fact, a study that was published in the journal titled Urology, the amino acid known as citrulline that can be found in high concentrations of watermelon has the ability to improve a persons blood flow to the penis without any horrible side effects, such as Viagra.

Here is what you are going to need.


  • A strainer
  • 1 Glass
  • A blender
  • Water
  • Pomegranate
  • Watermelon
  • (optional) juice of lemon


Using twice as much watermelon than pomegranates and including the juice of a lemon, your concoction can be about 1 pomegranate and 1/4 watermelon.

Place all your gathered ingredients into your blender and mix them together. Afterwards, if you prefer you can strain the beverage removing the seeds, however it is a good thing to consider that the seeds may help amplify the effectiveness of the natural Viagra.

It is wise to drink this delicious beverage on an empty stomach, preferably early in the morning and or before dinner. This recipe is safe for all ages and genders. Have fun and stay safe!

If you have been looking for a potent remedy that is able to detox your body of all unwanted parasites/toxins, then you simply must try this oriental recipe. This ancient remedy has been used as a treatment for over 50 different kinds of health problems. The secret is what the tea consists of: Clover, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and the best for last, turmeric.

Turmeric has been used as an aid for vomiting, sickness, and even going as far as removing intestinal parasites such as tapeworms from a persons bowels. Cloves are used to help fight against infections and the ginger is to help your blood circulation. This truly is one of the most potent natural remedies out there!


  • ½ glass of milk
  • 1 ½ glass of water
  • 1 fingertip of cardamom
  • 1/6 teaspoon of turmeric
  • ½ teaspoon of clove
  • ½ tablespoon of cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon of ginger
  • A little bit of honey for taste


Combine all of your gathered ingredients and pour the 1 ½ glass of boiled water over the combination. If your spices are not in grounded form, then you will have to let the tea boil in a moderate temperature for about 5 minutes, with the other ingredients.

Next, stir the concoction well and add your 1/2 glass of hot milk. Drink this tea, without draining or straining, throughout the day as much as you prefer. The tea will provide your body with energy as well as detox your body of any unwanted parasites/toxins. This tea can also be used to treat low immunity, common colds, and a variety of other health problems that you may have.

Have fun and get cooking!

As we all know turmeric is one of the most amazing herbs that you can use for just about anything. Warming/peppery, and it’s signature bitter flavor accompanied with it’s pleasant aroma of ginger and orange, you will be wanting endless turmeric as long as you live, and here’s how easy it is!

Turmeric is amazing for a variety of different reasons, mostly because it has anti-inflammatory properties as well as being just as potent as ibuprofen. So, get ready to jot down some notes, because you are about to learn how to grow your own super-spice!

How To Grow Turmeric Indoors

You may also grow turmeric outdoors if your climate is a lot warmer wherever you live. It’s important to note that turmeric grows from rhizomes, which are essentially the likeness of roots. Turmeric does not produce it’s own seeds, and the rhizomes that turmeric produces are the only way you can cultivate the root. However, the rhizomes are not hard to plant in the slightest.

When looking for turmeric, I suggest taking a trip to your nearest health food store or Indian food store, and look for a rhizome that is riddled with bumps. These bumps/buds will branch off into a new plant. Next on the list, a sizable pot for the rhizomes.

Find a pot that has pretty good drainage holes. The size has to be at least 14 inches by 14 inches, as turmeric is not a fragile herb at all. Fill your obtained pot with a high-quality potting soil, just an inch below the rim.

If your rhizomes are pretty large, you can split them into smaller pieces that have 2-3 bumps/buds on it, planting them 2 inches deep with the bud side pointing up. Water the soil and watch them grow!

You will have endless turmeric for days and not even know what do with the rest! Happy planting!