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As we all should know, coconut oil is one of the most amazing, universal products that you could ever have stored around your house. The possibilities that come with having coconut oil are almost endless, ranging from beauty to cooking, coconut oil is the must have product in modern society.

However, do you actually know the full extent as to how far coconut oil really goes? Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that are amazing for your body’s overall health, as they are able to cross the blood-brain barrier even in the unbound form without interruption. This means that your brain can use these fatty acids as an energy source.

To get the best out of your coconut oil, you will want to find the virgin, unrefined brand of coconut oil. This version is easily obtainable and provides your body with this list of benefits:

  • Antioxidants (reduces free radical damage)
  • Improves nutrient absorption (easily digestible, makes fat-based vitamins A, D,E, and K particularly more available to the body)
  • Anti-carcinogenic (inhibits cancer cell development and strengthens the immune system)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial (protects against bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, protozoa, and parasites)

So, what all can you use coconut oil for? 

You can use coconut oil for a soothing after shave that will not clog your pores after use.

If you have liver spots or age spots, you can rub coconut oil onto the area to reduce the appearance of said spots.

Can heal burns very rapidly upon continued use.

Coconut oil can heal bruises very rapidly as well.

Coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer for your skin, as well as chap stick.

You can make your own deodorant, mixing coconut oil with cornstarch powder, arrowroot, and baking soda.

There’s all kinds of things that you can use coconut oil for, you should give some of these a try or research your own recipes!

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If you have noticed a sudden shift in how severe you suffer from troubling migraines, it may be because of a vitamin deficiency. Commonly known, migraines tend to last from at least a few hours to more than three days if not longer. It is important for us to find the vitamins necessary to keep our body healthy and happy enough to avoid these dire headaches.

As suggested by previous research shown in a study of 2004 in the European Journal of Neurology, has pointed to migraine attacks being linked to not having the necessary intake of vitamins to keep your head in a stable state without any aches or pains.

Vitamins such as B6, B12, and folic acid supplements can cause a massive reduction in migraines just over the course of a six-month period of time. According to Professor Lyn Griffiths in her and her teams research of what possible effects vitamins can do to your body in a needed higher or lower dose for the effects to really take place:

“… if all patients received the same vitamin dosage for the same period of time it would be expected that those with TT genotypes, having a reduced enzymatic rate, would metabolize less homocysteine over the treatment period compared to C allele carriers, thus resulting in a smaller reduction in homocysteine and consequent migraine symptoms. 

Indeed, it may be that TT genotypes although having a higher risk of disease actually require a larger dosage of vitamins to exhibit the same effect as C alleles. Further clinical trials of much larger patient cohorts are required to test this hypothesis.”

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This health potion is ideal for anyone who’s looking to reboot their health and start fresh. You can lose weight, ramp up your metabolism, combat diabetes and lower blood pressure with it. Here’s how it’s done:

You will need:

  • 12 oz distilled water
  • 2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of raw, organic honey


This is an incredibly easy thing to make. You simply mix the ingredients together and let it sit overnight. Take a tablespoon first thing in the morning then have breakfast like normal.

The ACV is packed with enzymes that are good for digestion, as well as acetic acid, which has been found to reduce blood pressure by up to 6%. The lemon juice helps balance blood sugar and contains vitamin C, which boosts the immune system.

It’s easy to make, doesn’t taste half bad, and is good for you. Give it a try!

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Losing weight is a hot topic, and for good reason. Carrying extra fat can be deadly! Many people go about it the wrong way though. They get expensive gym memberships, cut calories, and burn themselves out. Good health is a lifelong endeavor. A little goes a long way. Do you want to burn fat the right way? Try walking.

Walking is a great workout. It’s low impact and you still burn tons of calories. Walking at a brisk pace, around 4 mph, burns 340 calories per hour! You can burn even more if you carry 2 to 5 pound weights. It’s a great workout for your arms too!

All you need in order to start walking are some walking shoes and some motivation. It’s good to throw on some headphones and listen to music while you do it. It’ll help keep you pumped up.

If you want to burn even more calories, drop and do 5 pushups every 5 minutes. It’ll help ramp up your metabolism and get you burning calories even faster.

Walking alone can help you safely burn 1 to 2 pounds of fat every week, especially if you combine it with some weight lifting and healthy dieting. Are you ready to drop some weight? Give walking a try!

High blood sugar is not just something that diabetics have to worry about, but all of us as well. If you’ve experienced being always hungry, gaining weight despite slowing down on calories, and having frequent stomach problems, then you may be experiencing what high blood sugar really is.

Of course, these spikes occur when you eat cake, soda, and candy but the real danger happens when your blood sugar levels stay high for long periods of time. This can definitely lead to having diabetes as well as other provoking health issues. However, having these symptoms can motivate a person to taking control of the situation and making themselves healthy once again.

Some of the reasons why high blood sugar occurs:

  • Use of certain medication
  • Certain health conditions
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Very poor diet

Some of the symptoms of high blood sugar:

  • Nerve issues
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty with concentrating
  • Itchy/dry skin
  • Constant dry mouth
  • Always thirsty
  • Always hungry
  • Always needing the bathroom

As a suggestion to combat these symptoms and regaining your overall health again, using the Glycemic Index (GI) can help you determine which foods will help you decrease your high blood sugar. This is a numerical index that ranks carbohydrates that are based on their rate of glycemic response, which essentially gives you which foods are able to raise your blood sugar levels after consumption.

Foods that are high GI tend to be quickly digested and absorbed that mark fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. Compared to foods that have a low GI tend to be slowly digested/absorbed that can give you a gradual rise in your blood sugar. Low GI foods are preferred for their healthy benefits that can reduce your insulin levels, insulin resistance, and as well as preventing other high blood sugar symptoms.

Hopefully this article has helped you stay mindful about your health and what you should do next in order to fix it!


It will be a pretty noticeable change in your health when your liver starts to fail in it’s functionality. However, it is very important that we do everything that we can in order to save our livers from this kind of stress. If your liver becomes fatigued, it will become decelerated, allowing toxins to accumulate and deposit in the fatty tissues.

We must avoid this fatigue in our liver at all costs, simply for the fact that our liver has one of the most important roles in keeping our body’s healthy. So what can you do in order to maintain your liver’s functionality?

  • Eat foods that contain sulfur, like kale, asparagus, onions, garlic, brussel sprouts, broccoli, eggs, and other foods that relate to these.
  • Try not to consume as much alcohol or drink no alcohol at all.
  • Eat as many leafy greens as you can, they contain high amounts of folate, magnesium, vitamin C, and B.
  • Try to avoid refined sugars at all costs.
  • Only eat healthy fats.
  • Have a balanced diet that persists of whole foods, plant protein, fermented foods, seeds, nuts, and animal protein.
  • Try to avoid or stop using inflammatory vegetable oils that include soybeans, cottonseed, safflower, sunflower, canola, and corn.
  • Try to reduce fructose consumption up to 20 g a day.
  • Dietary fiber is essential and you can get it from avocados, broccoli, artichokes, chia seeds, and other whole foods.

These are some of the various ways that you can save your liver from total failure as well as just increasing your overall health. You will feel tremendously better and your liver will be thanking you for taking these necessary steps in improving your health.

If your dieting methods have shown little to no progress, you may have to take in consideration that you might not be able to lose weight because of certain hormones disabling your body from progressing in the direction you want your weight goals to be. This problem can occur in women in particular who are suffering from gallbladder problems, fatty liver, prediabetes, high cholesterol, and overall depression.

These imbalances cause your hormones to go out of whack which can make it extremely difficult for a person to lose weight. So, how does one exactly re-balance their hormones? Think of your hormones as a key that will turn the locks that are your receptor sites. However, inflammation from any amount unrelated sources can actually change the shape of your receptors which makes it impossible for your hormones to fit into those receptors.

Some of these suggested tips are some of the easiest of ways to rebalancing your hormones.

  • Optimize estrogen metabolism by supplementing with DIM (diindolylmethane).  Take 100 mg twice daily with meals.
  • Season soup, stew, chili or other bean dishes with 2-3 cardamom seeds.
  • Sweep away excess estrogen by using two tablespoons of lignan-rich toasted cold milled flax seeds each day, sprinkled on your food or blended in smoothies.
  • Avoid personal care products that include endocrine disruptors like parabens and phthalates.
  • Do not re-heat food in plastic containers, and choose a water bottle made of glass or stainless steel rather than plastic.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove estrogen-mimicking pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.
  • Reduce copper-rich foods like chocolate, nuts and seeds, soy, avocados, and shell fish.
  • Topical Progesterone crème can help offset estrogen dominance.

All of these are very useful ways for you to be able to lose weight and keep your hormones in check!


This certain kind of thing is known to cause a lot of problems in people and is often overlooked as something else. Have you experienced a back pain that only continues to get worse? This may be the cause of symptoms due to a vitamin deficiency. This can cause a severe pain in your joints if not addressed.

These kinds of problems happen mostly over the course of different seasons. What with winter and the freezing cold, little sunlight, and very few exercise that we dedicate our time too, it can definitely cause an issue in certain joints that soon ache with pain from the lack of vitamins required daily.

Vitamin D is a very important piece of our bodies existence. It helps for the absorption of dietary calcium which we use to amplify the strength of our bones. We need vitamin D for our body to have the necessary intake of calcium requirements.

As we see the deficiency slowly consuming the body’s joints, it becomes prominently clear of the source of the problems. When we do not have enough vitamin D to maintain the calcium required for our bodies functionality, the skeleton then becomes the prime source of calcium for the body. This results in osteoporosis and osteopenia.

This kind of pain can often be mistaken for fibromyalgia. The symptoms are very alike to this disease but is not as dire.

The treatment to this deficiency can be induced very easily. Just by giving a patient who requires a dose of 50,000 units of vitamin D once a week for 8 weeks can have tremendous effects on the body. Just by adding a vitamin D supplement you can see tremendous results as well just by increase the intake of 2,000 units per day, as required to help with joint and bone health.

As we learn how to diet ourselves and what works for us in our ultimate goals of weight loss, a person can find some of the most amazing natural remedies to their exercising needs in order to meet those seemingly impossible goals. One of those amazing natural remedies is ginger juice.

Ginger juice has the ability to help amplify your body against infection by stimulating your immunity system. Ginger is extremely rich with nutrients and minerals that are aimed to provide your body with the necessary components in order to feel and look healthy all of the time.


  • 1.5 liters of clean water
  • Ginger root


First, you boil your 1.5 liter of water. Chop your ginger root (about 5cm long) and place the chopped ginger into the boiling water. After the ginger root has become soft, you are now able to strain the root and gather the juice.

You can have this beverage daily and for the best possible results in relation to your fitness, drinking this daily for 6 months straight can help you lose weight in just about no time.

What else ginger can do for your body is that it can help prevent cancerous cells from growing, reduce your bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugars, prevent blood clots, improve your blood circulation, prevents hemorrhoids, prevents nausea, improves digestive system, relieves any cramps, coughs, or migraines, and this beverage can even help prevent symptoms of arthritis.

This simple natural remedy is one of the best fixes you could ever need in your daily workout routines!


Sauerkraut is actually one of the most healthiest vegetables that you could have in your diet, whether it’s to lose weight, help with a severe heart issue, or if you are wishing to prevent cancer, then this homemade recipe is just for you.

So, how exactly is sauerkraut the most healthiest vegetable ever? During it’s process of souring of the cabbage, the sauerkraut is given all of its probiotic features. Through natural fermentation of vegetables, they are able to create bacteria that is extremely beneficial for your digestion. In fact, sauerkraut is suggested for people who use antibiotics so that they can have an increased amount of good bacteria in their intestinal tract.Sauerkraut is also extremely high in vitamin C which is good for diseases that can be the result of a vitamin C deficiency.


  • A few large cabbages
  • 2 tbsp. unrefined seas salt


It is important to keep in mind that the fermentation process can actually take up to 1-6 months as well as having a gallons worth of sauerkraut.

Begin by coring your cabbages using a food processor. Next, toss the cabbage in a somewhat large bowl and begin to mix it with your gathered salt. Next, begin to work the cabbage over with your hands as to break down the cellular structure. Afterward, the cabbage should appear limp and release juice. It is important that you pack the cabbage as tightly as you can into your vegetable fermenter.

If you do not have a fermenter, do not panic, pack the cabbage into a glass jar instead, using a wooden spoon to pack it in tightly. Pound away at the cabbage until it is entirely covered in it’s own juices. Finally, covering the jar lightly and letting the cabbage begin to ferment in room temperature for the 1-6 months necessary.

Be sure to check on it every couple of days just to be sure it’s too your liking. Afterward, take the sauerkraut out of the container and into the fridge till about six months. Enjoy your very own sauerkraut!